Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Au revoir Paris!

Here we are, a couple of days away from flying back to the United States. We have been busy saying goodbye to family and will be heading for Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport on Wednesday evening. Spending our last night in Paris at the beautiful (and convenient) Sheraton hotel makes a lot of sense, and facilitates early departures. We all hope for a smooth trip back.

This has been a successful and special trip. We will miss our Parisian pied-à-terre, 77 avenue Parmentier. Last night, we enjoyed a delicious Maroccan dinner with le Brother and la Sister in Law on the Right Bank. It took us just 10 minutes (and three Métro stops) to get back to the apartment after 11:00pm. What luxury!

We will miss our relatives, of course, and have enjoyed every moment we have spent with them. Junior had the best time with his grandparents, and les cousins, Jules and Theo. They met this afternoon for one last playdate at my parents.'

Junior has not stopped speaking French since we landed on December 16 and that is hysterical, because he always, always responds in English when I speak French to him in the U.S. He seemed absolutely comfortable ordering food in restaurants, navigating the Métro system, and chatting with total strangers in public places. Way to go, Alec.

I have had so much fun with Le Blog. Thank you so much for staying with me for the last two weeks, and for all the fun messages and emails you sent. Your feedback has meant a lot.

Thanks to Le Husband, we are coming back with many pictures I will be using over the next few weeks as I keep posting on Le Blog. I have also found great French materials and books I will be happy to share with Les Students soon.

For now, it is time to say "au revoir" -- and I picked a few special shots of Paris, known as the City of Light, to illustrate what an amazing, gorgeous and unique place the French capital really is. 

A bientôt les amis! Bonne année! Happy New Year!

Opéra Garnier

Place Vendôme

Place de la Concorde, Obélisque, Grande Roue des Tuileries
Concorde Square, Obelisk, Tuileries Ferris Wheel

Les Champs-Elysées

Eiffel Tower and Alexander III bridge

Le Grand Palais

La Seine - Notre Dame (in the distance)

Au revoir Paris! 


  1. What a treat to read through your blog all at once!! I love seeing Paris through the eyes of an expert and native. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and locations with us.

  2. Have a safe journey back to reality. Looking forward to our French class in 2011.

  3. Have a safe trip home. The blog has been great we check every night to see what is happening in Paris.

    For Alec, John is waiting to see your new hampster so call when you get home.

  4. Safe return to the city of trees, and loving friends..and animals too.
    Fun to keep up, and I feel like I'm leaving Paris too!


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